In The Line Of Fire

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In the Line of Fire (United States, 1993)

Close Share options. During a US and Ukrainian-led multinational maritime exercise, a Russian destroyer created a "dangerous situation" by sailing into an area restricted for live-fire drills, the Ukrainian Navy said in an statement.

In the Line of Fire (United States, 1993)

On Wednesday, the Russian Kashin-class guided-missile destroyer Smetlivy purposefully sailed into an area reserved for naval gunfire exercises, part of the latest iteration of Exercise Sea Breeze, the Ukranian Navy said in a Facebook post. The Ukrainian frigate Hetman Sahaydachniy attempted to communicate with the Russian ship, but the latter is said to have feigned communication problems. The Russian military, which has been conducting drills in the same area, says that the Ukrainian Navy is lying.

In the Line of Fire | Netflix

A US Navy spokesman told Defense One that the Russian ship was present but declined to offer any specific details on the incident. Even as Eastwood aged, we, as an audience, got the sense that here was a man that refuses to compromise on the things that mattered.

Rather like John Wayne you imagined that Eastwood spent his career playing a heightened version of himself. Over the space of 50 years we got the sense that Clint Eastwood, both on and off screen, was a man of few words but those that he did utter were very important. He is a member of an elite squad of agents charged with protecting the President of the United States.

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He was on duty the day that JFK visited Dallas and he still cannot forgive his shortcomings which allowed Kennedy to be assassinated. The first thing that grabs your attention — and the most refreshing to be honest — is the fact that this is the first movie where Clint Eastwood plays his age.

He is seen as a bit of dinosaur by some of his younger associates and when a female Secret Service agent Lily Raines, played with sharp-timing by Rene Russo, joins the Presidential protection squad, a few misjudged sexist quips seem to have him on his way to his retirement party. But, experience does count for something and Frank Horrigan is not the misogynist pig that he appears.

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  6. While he is so visible, a mysterious figure wants to make a name for himself by killing the President and he wants to exploit Horrigan and his nightmares to do it. He plays mind-games with Horrigan during late night phone calls and gets the aging secret service agent jumpy, prompting him to sound false alarms, so further reducing his credibility in the eyes of his colleagues.

    However, the one person who stands by him and appreciates his instincts is Lily Raines.

    Unlike many films of this type, she is not interested in him romantically, but she enjoys being his partner protecting the President. It seems that Mitch Leary, as the mysterious assassin calls himself, is a clever, master of disguise and enjoys playing a complicated game of cat and mouse with Horrigan and Lily.


    Wolfgang Petersen keeps the plot moving at a cracking pace, while still maintaining a wonderful degree of tension. As an audience you fed with tiny crumbs of evidence at the same time as Horrigan which means you are kept guessing right up until the last minute. His real achievement as a film-maker is to create time for character-development during what is already atmospheric, incident-packed film.