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The material is presented in a fast paced, 4 hour course with a summary exam at the end to get your certificate of completion. The goal of this class is to help you understand the industry and the medication which will help boost your resume with the knowledge you need to speak intelligently when you land that interview for an opening at a dispensary in the near future. For those with no legal experience to put on a resume, training increases your chances of getting a job in the medical marijuana industry!

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On average, a Marijuana business owner gets over resumes for every opening they post. With this training on your resume — you WILL stand out from the crowd!

Many owners across the nation have taken our course, and they all agree — they will look for HempStaff trained employees first when interviewing for entry level dispensary employees — as they know our course gives them the cannabis knowledge to help them succeed. Certainly not every business owner has heard of us, but all owners can agree that some training is better than no training.

Our course is there to help people get in the cannabis industry by giving them knowledge to get interviewed and speak intelligently during their interview, and we have done this hundreds of cannabis employees nationwide. No matter what the title is, the job description is the same — it is the person that works behind the counter of a medical marijuana dispensary and here at HempStaff, we believe they need to be trained.

They are the product specialists whose main responsibility is to be a product specialist. This person must be trained to work with cardholders and help educate patients on how cannabis can alleviate some of their medical symptoms.

Dispensary agents must be able to not only work with cardholders on the products that may work best but also how to use these products and what the appropriate dosages should be. After passing the cannabis training for Maryland, Washington DC or Delaware marijuana dispensary jobs , HempStaff offers you a resume review to help you get your document looking the best that it can before you start sending it out for posted positions.

When Dispensary owners need to hire employees to work in their medical marijuana dispensaries, they know our certified students are exactly what they are looking for in terms of initial knowledge of the job functions! Since holding our first training class in in Maryland, Washington DC or Delaware, HempStaff has been known as the go to company for cannabis training for Maryland, Washington DC or Delaware marijuana dispensary jobs.

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We know the value of having our students able to ask questions that only someone with this much experience can actually answer. Unless you have experience working in a dispensary, this training will be what you can put on your resume to let employers know you have the knowledge and ambition they are looking for when selecting candidates to interview.

It shows you have the motivation to obtain professional training in the subject of medical marijuana and truly desire to be the best MMJ Dispensary Employee you can be! Our trainers all have a minimum 5 years in the cannabis industry, including a minimum 2 years as a dispensary manager, and they have plenty of inside information on how this industry works! Learn from someone who has been working with medical marijuana for years!

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Since they work in the marijuana industry every day, they have the most current information and product knowledge. They have already gone through the growing pains of the Medical Marijuana program and start up in their home state, so you will learn what to expect from their first hand experience. This cannabis training for Maryland, Washington DC or Delaware marijuana dispensary jobs will also have a question and answer session as well, so bring all your questions regarding medical marijuana dispensaries!

There is no state approved certification for Dispensary Training in ANY state yet, as it is still Federally Illegal, but we believe training is essential in order to allow this industry to succeed and help our patients get the relief they need! When clients come to us with open positions for their dispensaries, or even when you apply on your own, the hiring manager can be assured you have had the proper training.

We know that laws are constantly updated in the early months of the MMJ program. The HempStaff Certification was created so that we can be sure that any candidate we send to our client for an interview is trained and qualified.

Many of our students have used our network to search out their own opportunities and obtained jobs on their own, several dispensary owners have attended our classes as well — so we suggest business casual attire. There are many opportunities to explore once you are properly trained! Now is the time to get cannabis training for Maryland, Washington DC or Delaware marijuana dispensary jobs and get into this industry before it explodes in Maryland, Washington DC or Delaware over the next couple years!

Who is regulated by legal marijuana laws? Whether selling a mature plant or a concentrate it will require packaging. When it comes to cannabis edibles they have very stringent packaging and labeling requirement varies by state , including disclosing detailed dosing information and is best practice to abide by all FDA nutritional guidelines as edibles are ingested.

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In many states, the laws dictate not only how the retail establishments store and display product, but also for how customers leave the store with their items as well. Opaque exit packaging with child resistant safety features is required in many states at the point of sale. Each state has varying degrees of stringent requirements that that processors will need to make themselves aware.