Competition-free Birthday: Teamwork Games for Kids / Non-competitive Children´s Party Games

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This guide will share 35 of the most fun competition games for kids. These exciting games are ideal for children of all ages and are guaranteed to bring out their best as each child competes with other participants. Kids put in more effort when playing competitively, which translates into faster athletic and academic improvement.

Their skills will also improve even faster if they are playing against strong opponents. Competition games are a pressurised environment, where making a mistake can cost your team a goal or cause you to lose the game. Being in this environment helps children deal with other pressurised events like public speaking, taking tests, or performing on a stage. Being in a competitive environment encourages children to try their hardest.

The high level of effort they bring to competitive games will quickly impact how well they perform in the classroom and at home. Games are a great opportunity to teach kids how to be humble in victory and magnanimous in defeat. This is a valuable attribute that will help them throughout their lives. Competitive sports environments are the perfect location for setting goals like winning a game or beating a personal record.

When a child reaches these goals, they get to experience a feeling of satisfaction and happiness. Encouraging the use of goals also teaches kids about deadlines and the need for constant improvement. The first time that a child sets a goal that want to reach in a competitive game, they will realise that self-discipline is required to reach it. If they want to run a metre race faster than their friend, they will discover that training is required to reach that goal — which requires discipline.

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As they train they will become more athletic and see their performance improve, they will also gain more confidence. If a child discovers they enjoy competitive games, they can participate in competitive sports like soccer, football, basketball, hockey and so on. Playing these sports will help a child make friends, explore the world, and improve their athletic ability.

The skills that children learn in competitive games transfer into the classroom. Self-discipline, goal setting, perseverance, and a love of competition will help them get great grades. They provide a safe, secure, and enjoyable environment for children to learn about competition.

The following list contains 35 fun competition games for kids. These games vary greatly in terms of their physical and intellectual requirements, so you will be able to find something suitable any child you are working with.

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All games have a focus on fun , so they are a great way to introduce children into competitive games. This classic game remains one of the most popular competitive games for kids.

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Playing capture the flag is simple. To start the game, the players are divided into two teams with each team being given a territory and a home base that lies within that territory.

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Players can tag opponents when they enter their territory to steal the flag. Only one person can be freed per jailbreak. The wining team is the one that scores the most flags after a certain amount of time or is the first to reach a certain number of flag captures.

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  4. This is fun game is great for improving the athleticism of children and teaching them the benefits of teamwork. Most people think of Jump Rope as an activity just played for fun, but it can easily be made into a competitive game. Jump Rope is a great game if you are interested in getting kids to collaborate and coordinate with each other. It also improves the athletic skills of both the rope handlers and the jumpers. To play Group Jump Rope, you will need a long rope and at least 3 participants.

    Two people will hold an end of the rope each and begin looping it while another player starts jumping. The player who makes the highest total number of jumps is the winner.

    If the kids find jump a single rope too easy, you can use two jump ropes in a Double Dutch style. If you want to try Double Dutch, you will need longer skipping ropes like these high quality skipping ropes from Just Jump It.

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    It remains popular today because it is highly-addictive and a ton of fun! The rules are also easy to learn, which makes it suitable for children of all ages. That player will have to chase the other players to tag them with their hand. The rule of no tag-backs is usually included, which means you cannot tag the person who just tagged you.

    The game finishes when everyone is too exhausted to play anymore! This list includes a couple more variations of tag, which are even more fun than standard tag.


    Red Rover is a popular game that is useful for teaching young children the value of teamwork. To play Red Rover, participants are split into two groups with each group forming a line that faces the other team. The lines should be 20 feet apart and the children in each team should hold hands. One team is chosen to start. They will look at the other team and choose a player they want to come across to their line. If the player successfully breaks through the enemy line, they choose a player to take back to their own team, where they rejoin the line.

    This continues until one team only has a single player. That single player has to try to get through the line and if he or she fails, the game is over.

    Red Rover in action. Kids love treasure hunts! They enjoy the challenge of solving clues, searching for objects and eventually finding the treasure. Designing a treasure hunt is simple. First, decide on a location to have the treasure hunt.

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    The best locations include your home, a local garden, your local neighbourhood, or a museum. Next, write some clues on pieces of paper to direct children on where to search next. You can can secure these clues to objects using sticky tape or magnets. Make the clues require the use of logic or another form of problem-solving. For example, a good clue would be:.

    With the next clue being secured to your breakfast table. The first team to solve the clues will obtain the prize. Here are some great tips for creating an awesome treasure hunt.

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    If you want to take your treasure hunts to the next level, you could get the Treasure Hunt Game from Gotrovo. It features reusable clue cards, a treasure map puzzle board and gold loot! This idea for this game comes courtesy of Party Games Pond. War Ball is a more chaotic and fun version of dodge ball.