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Know your rights: Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Special consideration: The Special Consideration Policy applies to students who believe they have been disadvantaged during, or before, an assessment because of an injury, illness or other unforeseen temporary circumstance beyond their control that may have adversely affected their performance in one or more assessments. Please read our Special Consideration Policy as it explains the steps to take when applying. Your application will need to include supporting documentation. For your claim to be considered, you must have initially notified us of your circumstances on or before the submission deadline for coursework or within five days of the exam date.

Any applications made outside of this timescale must include an explanation as to why the delay has occurred. We aim to provide an outcome within 5 — 10 working days. It may take longer if your application is referred to the Concessionary Board.

Step 1: Use this tool to find out how much debt you REALLY have

Reasonable adjustment: We are committed to providing an inclusive educational experience for all students, regardless of any disabilities or learning difficulties they may have and realise that, without reasonable adjustment, students may be prevented from demonstrating their true level of ability during an assessment.

This will allow us to fully understand the nature of your circumstances and advise you on the type of supporting evidence required. The Reasonable Adjustments Policy explains the steps to take when applying and has an application form included. Your application must be received, with supporting documentation, at least six weeks prior to the date when the adjustment will need to be in place.

You have 14 calendar days from your course start date to cancel your registration and arrange a refund by calling our Student and Customer Services team. You will need to return any hard copy study texts in its original condition. After this period all fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you have booked your exam with Pearson VUE and are within the cancellation period , you will need to contact them directly at least 24 hours prior to the exam date to cancel it.

Then allow at least two hours before calling our Student and Customer Services team to cancel the qualification registration and arrange a refund. Electronic Pearson VUE exam: Before your registration expiry date you can cancel your exam or change your exam date, time or venue subject to availability.

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For example, if your exam is booked for a Monday, the latest you can reschedule is the previous Friday. You may be able to change your venue, but will need to call us at least eight weeks before your exam date to check.

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For all exams, if you are unable to provide the required notice due to significant mitigating circumstances, such as sudden illness, please contact Students and Customer Services straight away as you may be eligible for Special Consideration. Supporting documentary evidence is required for a Special Consideration application. Making a result enquiry: If you believe there has been an error in the marking of your assessment, you can apply for a result enquiry.

The Assessment Result Enquiry Policy explains the steps to take when applying and has an application form included. Your application must be received within 10 working days after we have communicated your assessment results. This policy does not apply to students who believe their performance during an assessment may have been affected by external factors, for example noise, illness or unforeseen circumstances.

These cases are dealt with under our Special Consideration Policy. Include payment options, banking details and contact information in the reminder to make it easier for the customer to pay you quickly. Friendly reminder email template DOCX Find out more about what details to include in an invoice. If the payment remains outstanding — and the customer has missed the next agreed payment date, or there's been no contact at all — give the customer another call, or send another email or letter reminder of the money owing, and request payment.

Overdue email template DOCX When the customer hasn't paid as per the terms of payment — and has missed any extended payment dates again — call or email them to discuss the outstanding invoice and request payment.

8 Things Debt Collectors Won't Tell You

Final notice email template DOCX This could help facilitate a personal relationship with the customer that could be useful for future payments. Follow up contact script DOCX If all your attempts to contact them and receive payment have failed — consider sending a letter of demand. Keep in mind this procedure should only be done as a last resort — it has the potential to damage the business relationship established with the customer. Letter of demand template DOCX If you still haven't been paid — consider using a debt collecting agency to collect the outstanding money from your customer.

It's useful to check a list of fair debt collection practices, developed by Consumer Affairs, and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission ACCC so you understand the boundaries of debt collection:. It's always good practice to clearly outline at the beginning of a customer relationship your expected terms of trade and payment.

Use our new customer engagement letter template below when signing up a new customer. Through a trusted panel of field agents, the Group provides management services to locate customers and outstanding assets under the terms of finance agreements or as part of a legal asset seizure. These services have been provided to clients for over 13 years and are conducted with compliance and ethical practices at the forefront. Upon location and seizure of an asset, our workflows and processes ensure all statutory notices are sent and obligations are adhered to. With established links to auction yards and selling agents, Collection House has the reach to achieve the highest sale price in the shortest timeframe for our clients.

Our systems and workflows have been specifically developed to track the progress of matters and provide detailed performance reporting on relevant measures — for example, time to recover, costs to recover, time to sell, and asset sale achieved against valuation. Collection House has a long history of leading the way in ethical debt collection, and we pride ourselves on our demonstrated track record of sensitive collection practices that greatly reduces the reputational risk of our clients.

So much so that we manage the hardship identification, assessment and treatment programs to varying levels for a number of our major clients.

How I Fixed Credit Fast: Removed Collections, Charge-off, and Adverse Accounts - 30 Days - Secret!

This ensures customers are treated fairly and reasonably with courtesy, empathy, consideration and respect. Our hardship treatment paths are fully compliant and our conversations build goodwill with the customer, placing the outstanding account as a priority when their financial position improves. Further demonstration of our leadership in this regard is the instrumental part Collection House played in gathering support and forming the National Hardship Register to assist consumers experiencing long term and severe financial hardship.

Through this vertically integrated approach, clients receive improved efficiencies and reduced collection costs. CLH Lawyers provide specialised services in debt recovery litigation across banking and finance, insurance, Government, workers compensation, utilities as well as personal bankruptcy and corporate insolvency winding up. CLH Lawyers also act for councils, water authorities, electrical utility providers, and commercial clients in line with their strong client focus.

It is recognised that legal recovery is an escalation of collection demands that only commences after all prior recovery attempts to negotiate repayment have been exhausted. Our holistic approach to the use of legal action in the recovery lifecycle covers both pre-charge off collections including legal recovery and notice preparation and post-charge off collections.

Our systems and workflows integrate seamlessly for a quick transition to our skilled teams of solicitors who take ownership once the process has commenced, while also continuing to negotiate a payment outcome. CLH Lawyers has been providing leading-edge insolvency management services for over 10 years to a diverse range of clients — including some of the largest corporations in Australia, as well as world renowned organisations - and understand the challenges faced in this regard.

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We have forged strong relationships with major trustees and administrators, and have developed specialised insolvency management workflows for effective administration management and to ensure full permissible recoveries are achieved. Full administration outsource services are provided including insolvency status verification, proof of debt lodgement and voting on Part IX and X insolvency agreements. Similar to our repayment arrangement management services, our specialised insolvency management service allows our clients to focus on their core business, and streamlines the administration requirement in the collection strategy.

As one of the leading debt purchasers in the Australian market, our dedicated subsidiary Lion Finance Pty Ltd specialises in forward flow and one-off debt book purchases. The debt purchases range across all sectors including but not limited to the banking and finance sector personal banking, motor finance, fixed loans and credit cards , telecommunications and the energy sector.

Lion Finance is renowned in the industry for its ethical collection practices and proactive engagement programs with customers and their advocates. Clients selling debts to Lion Finance benefit through continued brand protection associated to the original lender when a debt is sold. As new debt sale markets emerge, Lion Finance is at the forefront to consult and assist clients to realise their collection objectives. Through our Registered Training Organisation, Collective Learning and Development, we provide tailored staff development and training services to the debt collection industry or to collection staff within organisations.

Courses include nationally accredited training, and mercantile non-accredited courses. Training can be developed to cover the full range of customer interactions from initially building a rapport with a customer, through to difficult situations and making the most out of a contact. Collective Learning and Development also offer a range of leadership and other financial services courses.

Find out more about Collective Learning and Development.