68 (Sixty-Eight): Jungle Jim

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Learn How. Add to Cart. In a tangled jungle known as the Hell Hole, fang and machete join forces as two relentless predators massacre the living dead. At Salut Glen mission, the Viet Cong teach a monstrous lesson in depravity and torture. And deep in the scalding shadows of war torn Laos, the children are weeping. About Book Page Count.

'68 (Sixty-Eight): Jungle Jim #2 (of 4)

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  • '68 (Single Issues) Series by Mark Kidwell.
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  • '68 (Sixty-Eight): Jungle Jim #3 (of 4).
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Collected Edition. Full Series.

'68 (Sixty-Eight): Jungle Jim #1 (of 4)

An anti-war activist actress on a propaganda tour… More. Shelve '68 2. Visions of home-brewed hell take center stage as… More. Shelve '68 3.

'68 (Sixty-Eight): Jungle Jim #3 (of 4)

Shelve '68 4. Issue 1 of 4.

Saigon is in flames. Private Kuen Y… More.

Jungle Jim

Shelve ' Scars 1. In the heart of war-torn Saigon, a handful of bat… More. Shelve '68 Sixty-Eight : Scars 2.

As the dead multiply, cities fall and the human r… More. Shelve '68 Sixty-Eight : Scars 3. A President bids his country farewell, New Jersey… More. Shelve ' Scars 4. Vietnam, Behind enemy lines, Private Brian… More. Shelve ' Jungle Jim 1. The skies over Vietnam rain liquid fire as Brian… More. Shelve ' Jungle Jim 2.

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In a tangled jungle known as the Hell Hole, fang… More. Shelve ' Jungle Jim 3. An armored engine of venge… More. Shelve ' Jungle Jim 4. In a doom-shadowed Cambodia infested with the liv… More.

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Shelve ' Rule of War 1. Shelve ' Rule of War 2. Face-to-face with the psychopath that murdered hi… More.